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TMG Landelijke and Endemol Nederland enter Dutch gambling market

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

TMG Landelijke Media and Endemol Nederland announced that they have partnered up with one another in order to enter the Dutch online gambling market which is set to be licensed and regulated in early 2015.

The Managing Director for Endemol Nederlands Media Group Lauren Drillich commented on the new partnership saying, “The online gambling market that is set for Dutch online punters in 2015 will bring new opportunities that’ll allow for our media companies to rise to new heights we once thought weren’t possible. Due to us joining forces we will be in a considerably better position when it comes to creating our future online gambling website. We both offer creative and unique expertise to the future production of the website. We also both have years of experience that allows for us to bring a certain level of knowledge to the future brand we will create.”

The Managing Director for TMG Landelijke Media also commented on the partnership saying, “With our future position being strong we will be able to reach a level of developing power that’ll allow for games of magnificent quality to be developers. We plan to release creative, unique and innovative games in the future. We are honored to have partnered up with Endemol Nederlands as we know they will bring a certain level of expertise to the future of our combined gambling products. We are unsure what lies ahead for both of media companies but we do know that the outcome of this partnership will be positive.”

Sky Bet is adding core gaming Table Games

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Core Gaming, an online software developer of casino games announced that Sky Bet online casino will be adding all of Core Gaming’s table games due to a new content supply deal that was signed between the two gambling firms earlier on this month.

The deal has certain circumstances and one of them is that every game released will be in a HTML5 format. The first game that will be released at Sky Bet is an online roulette game. This game has the ability to be played on smart phones as well as tablets. The graphics are in 3D with the roulette wheel popping out of your screen and there are simulated ball drops.

The Chief Commercial Officer for Core Gaming Mark Rehorst-Smith commented on the new content supply deal saying, “Sky Bet is an established brand competing within the market and we are honored to be a part of their brand. We have exceeded all of our expectations and can say we provide an innovative experience through a unique betting mechanism, a fully rendered 3D wheel with a the bespoke physics engine to have a more realistic experience. This roulette game will be first of the many innovative games to come from our software developers.”

Samuel Downey, the Head of Casino Games for Sky Bet also commented on the deal adding, “Sky Bet Roulette will launch a brand new experience to our players that is sure to be impressive. Every game action is tracked through their software and the experience is truly realistic.”

Ezugi Live Games Picked Up By EveryMatrix

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

EveryMatix is an online betting firm that is quickly becoming famous within the online gambling market. They offer over 1500 casino games with a 130 of those games available for mobile play. There are eighteen different online casinos that offer the EveryMatrix gambling service. Their mobile gambling services are available on four hundred different mobile devices. Allowing for them to grow faster as a gambling service. EveryMatrix announced that they have signed a new content deal with Ezugi Live, this new content deal will allow for Ezugi to gain all of the EveryMatrix live casino games.

Players will be able to experience various kinds of live casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Live Lottery casino games as well. Regardless of what live casino game you choose to play the game will immerse you into the experience turning you into a big fan of EveryMatrix’s software.

Due to this new deal EveryMatrix will continue to become more popular. One thing most online punters don’t know about EveryMatrix is that they offer six different software’s within their betting services. You can enjoy either BetGames, Evolution, Net Entertainment, Microgaming and XPRO Gaming. This allows players to gain more variety in their gameplay experience. Microgaming has and will always continue to be the number one developer of casino games.

This is why the EveryMatrix betting services have continued to become more popular with each passing year. Anyone looking to experience this gambling service should either register an account with a mobile or online casino that offers their services.

Bloomberg TV Hosts Anti-Gambling Ally

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

The former New York State Governor and now currently paid anti-gambling ally George Pataki went onto the Bloomberg TV station to speak about why he believes online gambling should be completely abolished in the United States of America. In the crowd you could hear online gambling enthusiasts booing Mr. Pataki for what he had to speak about towards online gambling. This created quite a stir in the show creating for a rather enjoyable viewing experience.

Mr. Pataki was speaking on the Networks show “Street Smart”, in the process of the show he said that online gambling could make money laundering a more predominant thing in our culture which could result in millions of people’s money being stolen. The former politicians also went on to say that the FBI Deputy Director Mr. Johnson sent a letter to the US Congress in which he backed up that very claim.

Mr. Pataki who refused to reveal other information was also ridiculed for his behaviour of the show. Pataki forgot to mention that land based gambling has had extreme cases of money laundering and still do this day do. The politician now works for a boss by the name of Sheldon Adelson, we all know that Mr. Adelson had to pay out a massive fine of $47.4 Million due to his involvement in money laundering. This makes what Mr. Pataki has to say irrelevant, any kind of gambling can have cheaters in it and its all something we know. We choose to take the risk because the experience is so great.

Seals With Clubs Hacked

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Seals With Clubs, an internet based poker room has been hacked this month, thus allowing for forty two thousand player credentials to be obtained by the hackers. Seals With Clubs has never been hacked before, its speculated that the hack was due to this poker room allowing for Bit coins as a pay method.

Seals With Clubs made a statement after they got their website back online. The poker firm told their players to change their passwords the next time they try to login into the casino. “Please when you get the opportunity to do say change the password you currently have with our poker firm. Any other passwords you use with our website should be changed as well, this will stop any potential issues occurring for our players.

The hacker who committed the cyber crimes isn’t being particularly be smart, he isn’t keeping a low profile as computer tech site “Ars Technica” has reported that there is a user on their website who is seeking the assistance of other hackers to crack 42,000 encrypted password files. These encrypted passwords follow the same format at Seals With Clubs does.

Ars Technica went into more detail as what the hacker is offering other hackers. The hacker apparently is offering twenty dollars in Bit Coins for ever one thousand passwords that are cracked. Thousands of these passwords have already been cracked, the first one thousand was cracked within ten minutes after the post was made.

Playtech Gains Online Gambling Contract At Holland Casino

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

The famous Dutch land based Holland Casino announced today that they have secured a new contract with one of the largest online gambling software firms known to the internet. Playtech will now add their vast library of casino games to the land based casino starting in 2015.

The deal will see ever Playtech slot, table game and card game added into their casino starting the first half of 2015. Players will be able to look forward to these games becoming available online as well once online gambling becomes one hundred percent legal in Holland.

Commenting on this new deal is Willem-Jan Van Den Dijssel, The Holland Casino CEO and he said, “We look forward to being able to offer one of the best online gambling experience into our platform. Playtech has years of expertise and we know they’ll be able to provide our players with some of the best experiences they have ever had at a casino.”

It is unsure as to which type of casino games will be added first. We expect that the slot machines that Playtech has created throughout the years will be the first additions added into the Holland Casino, giving players the best experience out of the Playtech casino games.

Poker Skill Claim Being Put To the Test by the Norwegians

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

A professional poker player, together with a Norwegian Politician, have decided to take one another in a heads up poker challenge online. This challenge will be a test to see is the game of Poker is based on skill and whoever wins the game will walk away with $170,000. This is set to be an exciting game and the outcome is expected to favor the professional player.

Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsrud, a professional poker player, will go against the Progress Party Politician Erlend Wiborg in this challenge. Wiborg is one of the few politicians in Norway who supports the legalization of poker and as of right now it stands that poker is not taxed nor regulated in Norway.

Due to these laws, the game will take place outside of the borders of Norway. This will allow for the game to be legal and it will also allow for the game to be set for a date and time. When that happens we will be sure to let you know.

The outcome will be highly anticipated and it is sure to draw a crowd of onlookers online who have an interest in online poker or poker in general.

Player Triggers the Mega Cash Progressive Jackpot on”The Big One”

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

A lucky player playing at Party Casino, owned by, was lucky enough to land on the mega cash progressive jackpot while playing “The Big One” This lucky player was able to land on $144,123 dollars this week, this life changing amount of money is sure to make a major impact on this player’s life.

We use a jackpot tracker so that we can make accurate statements about the likely hood of this jackpot. It normal circumstances players who trigger this jackpot only win roughly one hundred thousand dollars so this lucky player was able to get ahead of all the other players with this massive jackpot win.

The largest jackpot to ever be recorded during this game is $442,373 and while this win can’t even compare towards the jackpot that was won today the lucky player who landed on this jackpot was still able to win more than the average player.

If any new information is released about this big win we will be sure to inform you with all of the details. Party Casino is a highly regarded online casino that hosts over 100 games and is known for the volume of large progressive slots they offer.

Hit it Rich now released by Zynga

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Zynga is a company that operates mainly on Facebook. They are known for providing Facebook users with immersive games that the whole family can enjoy. Zynga has decided to start creating slot machine games for Facebook users, you can already access Zynga developed slot machine games such as “The Wizard of Oz”
Hit it Rich is a themed slot game based all around Halloween.

Zynga has released the game with perfect timing as Halloween is today. You can choose from a variety of Halloween themes which includes Mistress of the dark and Elvira. You can look forward to Zynga releasing new games monthly, some of the games in development right now include “Duck Dynasty” and “Sex and the city”

Hit It Rich is available to you right now and the game includes unique bonus rounds, challenging gameplay modes and a good amount of game features to keep you entertained. This slot game will be available to you in several different languages including French, Spanish and English.

Hall of Gods Jackpot won twice in same week

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Net Entertainment is considered to be one of the top three software developers in the online gambling industry. Earlier this week one lucky player landed on the progressive jackpot for the “Hall of Gods” slot machine game. Once again another player landed on the progressive jackpot in “Hall of Gods”. This is rare as very few games have players landing on multiple progressive jackpots during the week. This lucky player has yet to be named but they won €608,749.

The details for this big win haven’t been released by the casino as of yet. Net Entertainment hasn’t provided any details on the big win either. You can expect us to keep you updated on this news story as new information is released about the big win.

This progressive jackpot was considerably smaller than the previous €6,413,594 jackpot won earlier on this week. The new jackpot of €608,749 is the smallest jackpot to be won on “Hall of Gods”. The average time of players landing on the progressive jackpot in “Hall of Gods” is 24 weeks. Who knows maybe Net Entertainment is giving their players more opportunities to land on the progressive jackpots they offer.