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God of Wealth Released by RTG

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

RealTime Gaming, a developer of casino games for the online market has announced the release of their latest video slot “God of Wealth”. This new game is based around Asian mythology & culture, all whom play this title are in for some excitement.

RTG has designed God of Wealth with 5 reels & 25 paylines, featuring an Asian mythology theme which immerses itself in wealth punters will find that this game is not only beautiful but profitable. Behind the reels lies a river that goes on for miles, large mountains and pink blossom flowers shall stand over the river. The reels on the icon have various poker suit icons on the reels as well as Koi Fish, Dragons, Lamps, Asian Men and more. This game also offers free spins, wilds, scatters and a progressive jackpot.

God of Wealth

This is the only progressive title to be released this month, playing this game could mean for a life altering win to take place. This title is also available in two different formats thanks to it’s HTML5 coding, this slot can be played via mobile devices and desktop platforms as well. It’ll give punters the chance to experience this title whenever they want, wherever they want.

RTG released a short statement saying, “Today we release God of Wealth, a game which takes place in the continent of Eurasia & sets players on a journey of wealth. This game is available to all our of licensees today.”

Playing this title is easy as buying a lottery ticket, find a casino you like that offers the RTG Platform and register with them.

VR Approach Taken on by Slots Million

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

It appears that Slots Million, an online casino famous throughout the gambling market is one of the few operators jumping onto the Virtual Reality excitement that consumers all around the globe have. This casino knows this fact though which is why their developer an online casino which’ll stand as the future of online gambling.

Slots Million

The VR Casino will consist of an eighty floor building, as the months go on more floors will become available to users. Developing all eighty floors could take up to two years in a virtual world due to the mass amount of code required out of the programming with current technology. None the less players will be able to go in an witness blackjack, poker, roulette, keno, craps, video slots, video poker, video roulette and so much more. There are more games slated to come as well, developers are just taking longer to code the more complex styled casino games.

This technology is feared by few and loved by many, if it is able to become popular and integrate well with the online gambling market then it would allow for land based casinos to become a part of history. This’ll inevitably happen as technology continues to pass forward into the future, our virtual reality worlds will become more extravagant to the point that we will be able to choose between venturing Las Vegas, Reno, Macau or Atlantic City.

Those whom want to experience this form of gambling will have to wait at least a six-month period of time for Slots Million to release their beta version of the casino.

Adventures in Wonderland Jackpot Triggered At Sky Vegas

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Adventures in Wonderland

Sky Vegas is a one of the more popular online casinos in the United Kingdom & European Union. They have a massive player base that see’s progressive jackpot wins on a regular basis. The most recent progressive jackpot to be triggered at Sky Vegas is through “Adventures in Wonderland”, a video slot based around the classic film “Alice in Wonderland”. This lucky punter was able to win £103,538 while playing this slot.

Adventures in Wonderland is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot developed by Ash Gaming. This slot comes with a slew of different features including a bonus round, wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers & a progressive jackpot. While playing this slot you will notice that it resembles the essence of the film perfectly. On the reels symbols will consist of famous characters from the film and themed poker symbols while the background will consist of a backyard with a cobble stone fence and surrounding vines.

Those who play this slot at either Paddy Power, Sky Vegas or Betfair will find that their experience is filled with thrilling moments with each spin. They’ll also find that the winning combinations are profitable and that triggering the progressive jackpot isn’t as hard as you’d imagine. Those who wish to play this slot will first be required to register an account with one of the three casinos listen above, provide a viable payment method and then deposit a certain amount of money into their player account.

Full Tilt Launches Live Dealer Casino

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Full Tilt, an online betting site previously named Full Tilt Poker has recently gone under new management. Amaya Gaming, a Canadian based gambling firm purchased Full Tilt Poker & PokerStars for $4.9 Billion. This has resulted in some serious changes to Full Tilt Poker, the first major change was changing the name of the casino to simply “Full Tilt”. Now there are new software’s being loaded onto the casino, one of those software’s is Evolution Gaming. Full Tilt punters will now be able to access live dealer casino games developed by Evolution Gaming.


Some of the new games that you will be able to experience includes 3 different live blackjack tables, live roulette, live Baccarat and live online poker. Regardless of which table game you prefer, Full Tilt now has it available for you to experience.

The dealers will be broadcasting out of Riga Studios which is owned by Evolution Gaming. There is a total of fifty different dealers that are spread out across the many different games being played at once. Evolution Gaming’s platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS Platforms.

You will have to sign up with Full Tilt in order to get access to their new live dealer casino games. Just remember that you can play these games while you’re at home or you can play these games while you are on the go as each one of these new live dealer casino games are being offered on Full Tilt’s mobile casino as well.

Apple Acquiring Dr. Dre Beats Headphones

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Dr. Dre Beat Headphones are considered to be the most high class headphones you can purchase on the market. Using incredible technology every sound that comes out of the headphones sounds absolutely beautiful and crisp to the ear. The cheapest pair of these headphones cost $100 while the most expensive pair will run you roughly $600. Apple reportedly is near the end of a deal to acquire Beats Audio for $3.2 Billion.

Dr. Dre Beat Headphones

The only question is why would Apple want to purchase Beats Audio. The answer is simple, Beats Audio has technology and speakers that can be built in mobile phones or computers. Essentially Apple would be able to create an incredible sound experience alongside iTunes with the Beats Audio. They would be able to put quality speakers in their iPhone, iPad and iMac Products. This would result in Apple’s sales increasing and their investment being returned in a matter of a decade.

All employees at Beats Audio will remain at their jobs as the company just being directly sold to Apple from Dr. Dre. All contacts to Beats Audio will also remain alongside the company, essentially Apple will just take over as management and they’ll be able to continue creating the quality experience that is known with Beats Audio Headphones.
As always we shall continue to keep you informed on any information released pertaining towards Apple purchasing the Beats Audio Brand.

Playstation Conference Set For June 9th At 6PM

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Every year the Video Game Industry looks forward to the E3 Gaming Conference, which is the world largest convention for video games. It is at E3 where major companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo reveal their newest video games or consoles. One press conference that the majority of gamers look forward to is the one held by Sony.

Sony logo

Sony announced recently that they will be holding their press conference on June 9th at 6Pm at the E3 Gaming Conference. They will reveal a new free to play MMO that boasts next generation visuals, gameplay and experiences. Sony also noted that they will have exclusive footage for Destiny as well as 1846. We are sure that Sony have some secrets up their sleeves that will shock us all as it is a long time until the press conference is to be held and until then we can only speculate as to what Sony will reveal this year.

Playstation made the reveal date announcement through their Twitter, saying: “We will be holding the Playstation E3 Press Conference on June 9th at 6PM. We’ll reveal exclusive gameplay footage from anticipated games as well as reveal new games that will be coming out during the 2014/2015 Sales Year. We have a lot of surprises in store for our loyal fans and can’t wait to see the reaction from the Video Game Industry.”

As of right now you can purchase the Playstation 4 from Sony as well as exclusive games such as inFAMOUS Second Son.

Gladiator Jackpot Won, Player Takes $1,776,373

Friday, April 25th, 2014

This month has brought multiple progressive jackpot wins already and were not even half way through the month. One of those progressive jackpot wins was triggered on Gladiator, a video slot developed by Playtech. The video slot is based around the cult blockbuster movie with Russell Crowe, Gladiator. This punter was able to win a total of $1,776,373 while spinning the reels on this slot.

Playtech logo

This marks the third time that the progressive jackpot on Gladiator has been triggered. Over the course of this slots operation it has rewarded three punters with a life changing amount of money. The first jackpot ever won on this slot was worth $868,266 while the second jackpot won on Gladiator was worth $3,317,895. This means this week’s lucky Gladiator punter was able to break even, landing in between both of these jackpot amounts.

Playtech made a statement regarding this progressive jackpot win, saying: “Gladiator has been able to withstand its competition for the better part of five years. Even after being one of our oldest video slots it continues to reach new found popularity with each passing year. When you find out about a jackpot such as this one being triggered you can’t help but to feel happy for the punter who triggered this jackpot. You know that their lives have forever been changed and now will become that much better due to the money they’ve won. If we had never developed that video slot then that punter would never have won that money, it makes us feel special.”

Ghost Rider, Blade and Nest Egg Released On Gala Casino

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Gala Casino, an online gambling operator announced this week that they’ve released three new slots for their casino. Two of these slots are based around Marvel comic book properties which includes Blade and Ghost Rider. The third slot which has been released for both Gala Casinos PC and Mobile Platform is Nest Egg.

Marvel logo

Blade is the sequel to the original blade slot. This version of blade is a 5 reel, 50 payline slot designed around the demonic arts. While playing this slot you can trigger multipliers and a feature that allows for six winning combinations to be rewarded through one spin. While playing this slot you come across bullets, needles, vampires, guns, the games logo and themed poker symbols.

Ghost rider is the second marvel themed slot to be released by Gala Casino this week. While spinning the reels you see the Ghost Rider come to life. The Riders motorcycle lights up into flames and drives across the reels. While playing this slot you are met with wild, scatters and a thrilling gameplay experience.

Nest Egg is the third slot to be released by Gala Casino this week. The game is available for both the PC and Mobile Platforms that Gala Casino has to offer. This slot is based around the outdoors. You will see a forest, animals and more while spinning the reels at this video slot.
Each one of these games are now available for real and free money play at Gala Casino.

Responsible Gambling Foundation Being Formed In Malta

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

The online gambling jurisdiction of Malta announced that it is forming a new foundation called the “Responsible Gambling Foundation”. The goal for this new foundation is to combat any problem or illegal gambling that occurs online.

Malta logo

This information came to light after the Malta Parliamentary Secretary for Economic and Competitiveness Growth made the announcement for this new foundation. In the announcement the secretary noted that this group is a great way to help combat the major issue that is problem gambling, Malta has already been able to lower the rates that we see for online problem gambling. They now hope to completely abolish and move closer towards a legalized and regulated version of online gambling throughout the world.

The LGA also announced that they will have close ties with the Responsible Gambling Foundation. The LGA is an online gambling regulated based in Malta, the two of these groups working together as one will allow for them to combat problem gambling directly at the source. The foundation is currently being funded by various online casino and land based casino operators.

The Responsible Gambling Foundation made their first statement saying, “Our goal is to completely abolish any form of problem online gambling on the internet. We want players around the world to have a safe, regulated and secure gambling experience from the comfort of their homes. If those players know that there is the potential for something to go wrong they won’t enjoy their experience as much. The LGA will help up stop any form of problem gambling as well, making for a brutal team of safe online gambling supporters.”

Paddy Power Ordered To Pull Pistorious Ad by ASA

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Earlier this month Paddy Power was forced to take down an advertisement. This order came from the United Kingdom Advertising Standards Authority, Paddy Power was forced to remove this advertisement due to the ad revolving around the Oscar Pistorious trail.

United Kingdom Advertising Standards Authority

The ruling to force Paddy Power to remove them ad came into effect after the ASA received 5,200 complaints about the online advertisement. In the advertisement Paddy Power headlines that if Oscar Pistorious walks free players will get their money back. The print advertisement offered players a unique promotion that allowed for them to bet on Oscar Pistorious, players had to wager if this man would walk free or be sent to prison. Paddy Power planned to return all losing bets to players if he was found not guilty.
The Advertising Standards Authority released a statement on their website that read, “We consider this advertisement to be offensive to the general public. Paddy Power wishes to have their players wager on a trail that should not be so highly publicized. If we allow for this advertisement campaign to continue it will result in more complaints and potentially threats against the online gambling operators. We also worry that an advertisement such as this one will sully the good name that our advertising industry has been able to uphold.”

The ad was panned out for being distasteful, after all of the complaints the advertisement has now been removed by Paddy Power. Paddy Power didn’t make an official comment