TMG Landelijke and Endemol Nederland enter Dutch gambling market

TMG Landelijke Media and Endemol Nederland announced that they have partnered up with one another in order to enter the Dutch online gambling market which is set to be licensed and regulated in early 2015.

The Managing Director for Endemol Nederlands Media Group Lauren Drillich commented on the new partnership saying, “The online gambling market that is set for Dutch online punters in 2015 will bring new opportunities that’ll allow for our media companies to rise to new heights we once thought weren’t possible. Due to us joining forces we will be in a considerably better position when it comes to creating our future online gambling website. We both offer creative and unique expertise to the future production of the website. We also both have years of experience that allows for us to bring a certain level of knowledge to the future brand we will create.”

The Managing Director for TMG Landelijke Media also commented on the partnership saying, “With our future position being strong we will be able to reach a level of developing power that’ll allow for games of magnificent quality to be developers. We plan to release creative, unique and innovative games in the future. We are honored to have partnered up with Endemol Nederlands as we know they will bring a certain level of expertise to the future of our combined gambling products. We are unsure what lies ahead for both of media companies but we do know that the outcome of this partnership will be positive.”

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