Playtech Gains Online Gambling Contract At Holland Casino

The famous Dutch land based Holland Casino announced today that they have secured a new contract with one of the largest online gambling software firms known to the internet. Playtech will now add their vast library of casino games to the land based casino starting in 2015.

The deal will see ever Playtech slot, table game and card game added into their casino starting the first half of 2015. Players will be able to look forward to these games becoming available online as well once online gambling becomes one hundred percent legal in Holland.

Commenting on this new deal is Willem-Jan Van Den Dijssel, The Holland Casino CEO and he said, “We look forward to being able to offer one of the best online gambling experience into our platform. Playtech has years of expertise and we know they’ll be able to provide our players with some of the best experiences they have ever had at a casino.”

It is unsure as to which type of casino games will be added first. We expect that the slot machines that Playtech has created throughout the years will be the first additions added into the Holland Casino, giving players the best experience out of the Playtech casino games.

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