Seals With Clubs Hacked

Seals With Clubs, an internet based poker room has been hacked this month, thus allowing for forty two thousand player credentials to be obtained by the hackers. Seals With Clubs has never been hacked before, its speculated that the hack was due to this poker room allowing for Bit coins as a pay method.

Seals With Clubs made a statement after they got their website back online. The poker firm told their players to change their passwords the next time they try to login into the casino. “Please when you get the opportunity to do say change the password you currently have with our poker firm. Any other passwords you use with our website should be changed as well, this will stop any potential issues occurring for our players.

The hacker who committed the cyber crimes isn’t being particularly be smart, he isn’t keeping a low profile as computer tech site “Ars Technica” has reported that there is a user on their website who is seeking the assistance of other hackers to crack 42,000 encrypted password files. These encrypted passwords follow the same format at Seals With Clubs does.

Ars Technica went into more detail as what the hacker is offering other hackers. The hacker apparently is offering twenty dollars in Bit Coins for ever one thousand passwords that are cracked. Thousands of these passwords have already been cracked, the first one thousand was cracked within ten minutes after the post was made.

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