Player Triggers the Mega Cash Progressive Jackpot on”The Big One”

A lucky player playing at Party Casino, owned by, was lucky enough to land on the mega cash progressive jackpot while playing “The Big One” This lucky player was able to land on $144,123 dollars this week, this life changing amount of money is sure to make a major impact on this player’s life.

We use a jackpot tracker so that we can make accurate statements about the likely hood of this jackpot. It normal circumstances players who trigger this jackpot only win roughly one hundred thousand dollars so this lucky player was able to get ahead of all the other players with this massive jackpot win.

The largest jackpot to ever be recorded during this game is $442,373 and while this win can’t even compare towards the jackpot that was won today the lucky player who landed on this jackpot was still able to win more than the average player.

If any new information is released about this big win we will be sure to inform you with all of the details. Party Casino is a highly regarded online casino that hosts over 100 games and is known for the volume of large progressive slots they offer.

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