Hit it Rich now released by Zynga

Zynga is a company that operates mainly on Facebook. They are known for providing Facebook users with immersive games that the whole family can enjoy. Zynga has decided to start creating slot machine games for Facebook users, you can already access Zynga developed slot machine games such as “The Wizard of Oz”
Hit it Rich is a themed slot game based all around Halloween.

Zynga has released the game with perfect timing as Halloween is today. You can choose from a variety of Halloween themes which includes Mistress of the dark and Elvira. You can look forward to Zynga releasing new games monthly, some of the games in development right now include “Duck Dynasty” and “Sex and the city”

Hit It Rich is available to you right now and the game includes unique bonus rounds, challenging gameplay modes and a good amount of game features to keep you entertained. This slot game will be available to you in several different languages including French, Spanish and English.

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