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Software upgrades for 3 online poker networks

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Right now there are 3 different poker networks that have made an announcement that they are updating their software. This way they will all bring a new and fresh set of features to the poker players.

The most important update is the one from PokerStars. This is still the world’s largest poker room and they have probably one of the best poker software in the industry. This new update of the software managed to fix some of the small glitches that the software had and they have also included an extra bet slider for those that are using the PC software. In case you are a Mac user, there is also an upgrade done to the Mac software: Retina support and there are also the native OS controls.

The other poker network that received an upgrade is iPoker. The new thing about this update is the fact that they have now included some customizable cash games time banks, so that players can choose how much time will there be available in order to make a move. On top of that there is now also a late registration available for the Sit and Go tournaments. And there is also a taskbar notification feature that will give you a better access to information.

The third poker network that brings in an update is the Winner poker network. The new features that you can now have access includes highlighted tables, new animations, on demand tournaments and straddle notifications.

There are currently no specific dates regarding when these updates will be done, but they should be effective in a few days from now.

Fast Fold Poker – Now available at 888 Poker

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

The famous online poker room 888 Poker has just released a brand new alpha test version of a fast fold poker game, which is going to be similar to the Rush Poker from Full Tilt Poker or the Zoom Poker from Poker Stars. The name of this brand new version of poker is going to be: ”Snap”.

Since the fast paced poker game is still going through the testing phase, it’s going to be limited to the $0.01/$0.02 limits. The brand new Snap game was revealed to the public at the poker message boards and forums and also at some websites that are offering news.

In case you are planning to play this brand new alpha version, then you can definitely start the download of the software and try it out. However you should know the fact that since this is only an alpha version, you should find a good number of bugs, flaws, errors and glitches that are generally not available at a normal 888 Poker table. However your feedback will help you improve the game.

Playtech announced report for first half

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Playtech, one of the net’s larger gaming companies that focuses on software development and games, has just released the results for its first half of 2013. The report that was released shows that a noticeable increase in revenue and income.

The report shows that the overall gross income for Playtech came in at €194.8 million. This was an increase in revenue of 10.1% for the company. The total earned revenue was also increased by 15.1% to €176.9 million. There was an adjustment made to the EBITDA by 2.9% relating to €78.7 million and an adjustment in net profit for the half came in at 0.5% for €83.9 million.

The report showed that Playtech have a positive cash flow in the amount of more than €570 million which is a substantial increase from the same period in 2012. Playtech mentioned that the agreement they made with Ladbrokes was a highlight of the first half as was the acquisition of The migration of Betfair to the iPoker network has been complete and Playtech also launched their new bingo product during the first half of the year.

Roger Withers, Chairman of the board at Playtech was quoted as saying “Playtech has again shown our tenacity and goal oriented drive and this is evident by the results we have posted for the first half of the 2013 year. We have strengthened our relationships with our licenses and have increased our product lineup that they are able to offer to their customers”

He continues by saying” As the year progresses we will be focusing efforts on our mobile side of business and seeing the investments we have made in this new emerging side of business grow. He reported a dividend paid of 7.5 cents euro”

Another 34 offshore betting sites blocked in Italy

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Italy has once again blocked additional online betting sites that operate within the country illegally. All of these companies are offshore betting sites. Italy has been the most aggressive in this area of blocking sites and now have blocked over 4500 sites in total.

Those recently blocked include Bwin.Party, Betfair and Unibet. All internet providers within Italy have until the 23rd of August to block the sites in question.

Italy spent the last six years aggressively blocking those within their borders who operate without a license to do so. This is being done to force those operators to comply with the licensing within Italy. This has proven not to be as successful as hoped as many operators find ways to bypass the blocking off their sites and continue to accept deposits from Italian customers.

It is unknown what steps Italy will take in the future to combat those who continue to defy the laws within Italy but this could include criminal charges and steep fines. It is believed that the reason many fail to move forward with licensing is due to the size of the market compared to the cost to get licensed for the Italian market.

Playtech cleans house at 2013 EGR Awards

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

The 2013 EGR awards were held recently and it saw Playtech cleaning house with an armful of awards for its efforts and progress this year. The award winning internet gaming development company won four different awards in total. This was more than any other software company involved within the egaming industry.

The awards event is designed to reward those within the industry for their achievements relating to a number of different categories. Playtech for this part won awards for Bingo supplier of the year, Slot provider of the year, Bingo network of the year and Poker Network of the year. That is a huge accomplishment and proof for those in the industry that Playtech is one to watch in the coming year ahead.

Playtech won these awards for their development in the bingo sector. There was a large investment this year from Playtech that saw mobile bingo and syndicate bingo being offered and additional new game from the Playtech library of slots being added to its bingo platform. Their development of the new “everybody” slot was what saw Playtech taking the Slot provider of the year award. This is revolutionary in the way the games daily jackpot is awarded to all players.

Playtech will certainly be empowered by these results and is sure to continue its hard work towards egaming excellence during the remainder of 2013.

South Korean Soldiers gambling online

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

It is being reported that a growing percentage of Koran soldiers are turning to the internet to gamble. This is occurring on the military basis and is causing the South Korean military to take measures to help deal with this growing trend.

The number of soldiers gambling online has grown more than fifteen times over the past several years. The military has banned this type of activity and is now monitoring it through logging soldier’s activity while residing in the barracks in order to identify those who are illegally gambling online. To date this has resulted in more than 200 soldiers being caught for illegal gambling activity, which is substantial when compared to a year earlier that number was only eighteen and the year before that only fifteen were identified.

The Ministry of Defense for South Korea stated that “We as a military will take the appropriate actions in order to stop soldiers from accessing internet betting sites within the confines of our military bases. Computers on the base are meant for official use and educational purposes only. Betting online is not permitted and those who do so will face punishment”

Winneroo Games goes Mobile

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Winneroo Games, an internet betting corporation, just announced the launching of its newest mobile betting site that has been designed to better accommodate smaller screen sizes. This new betting site will have twenty-one game and include new H/D versions of the slot games Poseidon’s Kingdom, Pots O’ Plenty, Long John’s Silver, War Zone and Way Of The Slot.
The new mobile set up will also feature and enjoy the advantage of HTML5 software that is popular for use with most tablets and smartphones as it allows for the optimization of layouts. Winneroo has a long established history that is seeing strong growth over the last several years .This new site will only complement their existing business as they move forward towards the future.
Jussi Halme, the Director for Winneroo stated “The new generation mobile slot games will allow all those who play at Winneroo the best in high resolution game graphics, added animation and fully synchronised sounds.
The new mobile casino has been made live and can be accessed through the Winneroo website. All games are alos live and ready to give you a true mobile gaming experience based on quality.

Amaya Gaming announces another acquisition

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Amaya Gaming announced today that they had signed a deal with Diamond Game Enterprises, This cost the Amaya Gaming Corporation twenty five million dollars but in return they got one of the best casino and lottery developers in the world. This deal has required that Amaya pays the full amount in cash and retire all of the Diamond Game Enterprises debts. The deal will be finalized in the fourth quarter of this year.
The Amaya CEO David Baazov has some things to say on the acquisition. He went on to talk about how the Diamond Game Lottery’s Technology is so incredible that it will change the way that people play lottery or casino games. The LT-3 Software has already been put into Ontario and no one has complained what so ever. He went on to talk about some other things but overall the Amaya CEO seemed to be thrilled about this acquisition.
The Diamond Game President and CEO Jim Breslo has some things to say as well. He talked about the hard work and dedication of all of his employees who helped him make the company an established software developer within the online gambling industry.
He also went on to talk about that since Amaya is already a well-established gaming corporation and since the diamond game enterprises are a well-established software developer. The two of them mixed together will make for one of the best experiences within the industry.

Real Madrid and bwin sign deal

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 digital entertainment just announced that they have entered into a deal to sponsor the Real Madrid Football Club. Bwin has let a previous agreement that had lasted 6 year and related to shirts expire so this is good news for the club and bwin.  The new deal is relating to bwin being able to display its brand on the Real Madrid website, its mobile apps and any social media pages. The exact terms of the agreement have not been made public.

Florentino Perez, the President of the Real Madrid is quoted as saying “The partnership that The Real Madrid have with as a shirt sponsor benefitted both companies. The fact that the Real Madrid were able to help towards the success of the brand bwin is something we are all proud of. It was enjoyable to experience new things with bwin and share in their experience”

Norbert Teufelberger, CEO of digital entertainment stated “Not renewing the sponsorship of the shirts is the end of one era of promoting our brand with The Real Madrid however we now are beginning another chapter in our continued relationship with the club, who are one of the great football clubs of the world. We are looking forward towards this new beginning as a way to further increase our brand awareness through our sponsorship with The Real Madrid”

Minted Poker no longer part of Everleaf Network

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Minted Poker has opted to no longer be part of the Everleaf network of poker sites. They have chosen to instead join the Plutos Poker Network.  The move is not being seen as a positive one for many of the people who play under Minter Poker due to issues surrounding the ability to transfer or withdrawal existing balances with the Everleaf network.

In order to ensure players do not feel jilted Minted Poker has chosen to award players a no deposit bonus. The bonus is a good faith bonus that only requires a rake contribution that is based on one dollar of rake contribution for each dollar received from the no deposit bonus.

It is not a shock that Minted Poker has opted to leave the Everleaf Network as it was evident from comments made that they were clearly unhappy with the network and had serious issues over the time they took to make payments and the poor customer service that the network provides to its players.

Plutos is a new network and only launched this February. It is based in Curacao and now has 9 sites belonging to its network. The new network is live at Minted Poker and available for all forms of poker.