Bloomberg TV Hosts Anti-Gambling Ally

The former New York State Governor and now currently paid anti-gambling ally George Pataki went onto the Bloomberg TV station to speak about why he believes online gambling should be completely abolished in the United States of America. In the crowd you could hear online gambling enthusiasts booing Mr. Pataki for what he had to speak about towards online gambling. This created quite a stir in the show creating for a rather enjoyable viewing experience.

Mr. Pataki was speaking on the Networks show “Street Smart”, in the process of the show he said that online gambling could make money laundering a more predominant thing in our culture which could result in millions of people’s money being stolen. The former politicians also went on to say that the FBI Deputy Director Mr. Johnson sent a letter to the US Congress in which he backed up that very claim.

Mr. Pataki who refused to reveal other information was also ridiculed for his behaviour of the show. Pataki forgot to mention that land based gambling has had extreme cases of money laundering and still do this day do. The politician now works for a boss by the name of Sheldon Adelson, we all know that Mr. Adelson had to pay out a massive fine of $47.4 Million due to his involvement in money laundering. This makes what Mr. Pataki has to say irrelevant, any kind of gambling can have cheaters in it and its all something we know. We choose to take the risk because the experience is so great.

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