Gladiator Jackpot Won, Player Takes $1,776,373

This month has brought multiple progressive jackpot wins already and were not even half way through the month. One of those progressive jackpot wins was triggered on Gladiator, a video slot developed by Playtech. The video slot is based around the cult blockbuster movie with Russell Crowe, Gladiator. This punter was able to win a total of $1,776,373 while spinning the reels on this slot.

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This marks the third time that the progressive jackpot on Gladiator has been triggered. Over the course of this slots operation it has rewarded three punters with a life changing amount of money. The first jackpot ever won on this slot was worth $868,266 while the second jackpot won on Gladiator was worth $3,317,895. This means this week’s lucky Gladiator punter was able to break even, landing in between both of these jackpot amounts.

Playtech made a statement regarding this progressive jackpot win, saying: “Gladiator has been able to withstand its competition for the better part of five years. Even after being one of our oldest video slots it continues to reach new found popularity with each passing year. When you find out about a jackpot such as this one being triggered you can’t help but to feel happy for the punter who triggered this jackpot. You know that their lives have forever been changed and now will become that much better due to the money they’ve won. If we had never developed that video slot then that punter would never have won that money, it makes us feel special.”

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