Responsible Gambling Foundation Being Formed In Malta

The online gambling jurisdiction of Malta announced that it is forming a new foundation called the “Responsible Gambling Foundation”. The goal for this new foundation is to combat any problem or illegal gambling that occurs online.

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This information came to light after the Malta Parliamentary Secretary for Economic and Competitiveness Growth made the announcement for this new foundation. In the announcement the secretary noted that this group is a great way to help combat the major issue that is problem gambling, Malta has already been able to lower the rates that we see for online problem gambling. They now hope to completely abolish and move closer towards a legalized and regulated version of online gambling throughout the world.

The LGA also announced that they will have close ties with the Responsible Gambling Foundation. The LGA is an online gambling regulated based in Malta, the two of these groups working together as one will allow for them to combat problem gambling directly at the source. The foundation is currently being funded by various online casino and land based casino operators.

The Responsible Gambling Foundation made their first statement saying, “Our goal is to completely abolish any form of problem online gambling on the internet. We want players around the world to have a safe, regulated and secure gambling experience from the comfort of their homes. If those players know that there is the potential for something to go wrong they won’t enjoy their experience as much. The LGA will help up stop any form of problem gambling as well, making for a brutal team of safe online gambling supporters.”

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